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Cooking Tips

Here are a few precious secrets in order to cook our sausages to perfection:

- Do NOT boil or steam before cooking because our products are very lean and it would lead to losing the flavour and the spices

-Regardless of how you will use your sausages, always cook them at a medium-low temperature in order to avoid breaking the casing 

-We recommend you to fry them in a non-stick pan or grilled on the BBQ, baked in the oven at 420degrees for no longer than 20 minutes,

-Stew them in a slow cooker/crock pot 

-Simmer them in your soup or sauce

- Scrambled  raw on the pizza and let it cook on top.

-Scrambled cooked in the tacos.

-Air Fryer 390 F for 9 minutes 

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