Who is the real Italian Meat Master?

It's simple

great ingredients and knowledge

make great food.

Claudio Perazzo was born in Italy in 1971 in Sestri Levante,a small town in the Liguria area. Since he was a young boy, he started learning from his dad and grandpa the art of producing cured meats following the steps and the recipes that had been handed down by his ancestors for 4 generations.

In 1989 he started his apprenticeship as butcher and meat cutter and in 1995 he opened his own store in Sestri Levante. His store was known in the whole region thanks to his skills and the top quality products that he offered and his sausages were known throughout the Tigullio area as well.

Before moving to Canada, Claudio attended many courses to improve his skills and knowledge to help him become a real Italian Meat Master.

In 2015 Claudio moved to Kelowna with his family and with the dream of starting a business like the one he had before. His goal is to spread his knowledge to the Beautiful British Columbia and other provinces as well  and to produce outstanding goodies only using local high quality meats and natural ingredients to spread the amazing taste of the Italian tradition among Canadians.

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