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Who is the Italian Meat Master?

Claudio Perazzo was born in Italy in 1971 in Sestri Levante,a small town in Liguria Region (North West Coast) Since he was a young boy, he shows great interest to the world of the cured meats,  inspired from by dad and grandpa, passionate connoisseur of any steps and the recipes that had been handed down by their ancestors for 4 generations.

In 1989 he started his apprenticeship as butcher and meat cutter, leaning the finest techniques from some of the best Masters. In 1995 he opened his own store in Sestri Levante, known in the whole region for the top quality products.

After 20 years of successful self employer career, Claudio felt the need to evolve the traditional products he was offering, into something more adequate to now a days needs.

In 2015 he decided to move to Canada with his family, starting a new entrepreneur journey!

In 2017 he founded "ITALIAN MEAT MASTER"in Kelowna, BC, with one big commitment: to make a positive impact on Canadians diet, cleaning and improving iconic comfort foods like sausages and cured meats. Finally everyone can enjoy it without worring about allergies or side effects...

No compromises, just excellent ingredients, unique recipes and ingredients combinations, putting the consumer's wellness and satisfaction first.

"Great Food" is his "religion",  share passion and knowledge is his mission.

He truly believe that an healthy food must be also delicious, inviting and satisfying, or it won't be completely effective, must delight the sense as well as the body!

He is always looking for new inspirations, experimenting exciting combination of gourmet ingredients, enjoying this incredible journey full of challenges and opportunities..


... simple great ingredients, 

knowledge and passion

make great food...

and happy customers!

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