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                             AUTHENTIC MILD ITALIAN             $10.00  per pack                               

                            This is our most ancient recipe, without fennel, hot spices or garlic. We use our spice blend to keep the                                   flavour mild and classic 



                              AUTHENTIC SPICY ITALIAN              $10.00  per pack                                                  

                              Our Red Hot Chili Pepper from Italy adds the perfect kick to this spicy sausage


                             "5 TERRE" ITALIAN SAUSAGE              $10.00 per pack                                                                     

                              This recipe contains some of the most typical ingredients of Italy...including wine, garlic, parsley and                                     pepper, not spicy but very flavorful



                             "MARINARA" ITALIAN SAUSAGE                             $10.00 per pack                                                      

                              this sausage is perfect if you want the amazing taste of  homemade marinara sauce combined with the                               best pork meat, it'll remind you the flavor of meatballs or spaghetti sauce.



                           "BALSAMIC AND FENNEL" ITALIAN SAUSAGE        $10.00 per pack                                                   

                            Modena balsamic vinegar and fennel are two of the main ingredients of this tasteful sausage, very mild                               in flavor and the perfect pairing with seasonal vegetables.


                            "MAPLE AND MUSTARD" ITALIAN SAUSAGE                  $11.00 per pack 

                             Great on the BBQ or in a panino, slightly sweeter yet so tasty. The perfect combination of traditional                                      Canadian ingredients...




                            "SMOKED GARLIC AND BACON" ITALIAN SAUSAGE       $12.00 per pack

                            Since we bought a smoker we are having a lot of fun with it: we smoke the garlic and make the bacon                                 ourselves! yes, you read it right, we are adding shredded bacon into the sausage with our garlic!

                             "BREAKFAST" SAUSAGE    $10.00 per pack

The perfect size and taste to start your morning with! Very mild and delicate flavor, there are 6 thinner sausages 


                                "BLACK TRUFFLE" SAUSAGE      $14.00 per pack

                                  Made with the real Black Truffle that is shipped to us from Umbria, Italy. If you are a truffle lover you                                     will go crazy for this sausage .                                                                                


                                 "APPLE AND SAGE SAUSAGE" ITALIAN SAUSAGE     $11.00 per pack

                                 A great combination of the sweetness of the Okanagan Apples and the fresh, delicate aroma of sage                                    that will leave you with a pleased palate! Perfect for breakfast or even stuffing.



                                  "BASIL PESTO" ITALIAN  SAUSAGE    $11.00 per pack

                                  Our hometown flavours are brought to you thanks to the Organic Basil and the garlic that are they                                          keys to a tasty, authentic pesto  combined with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and meat! This sausage                                     is lactose, nuts and gluten free as well!



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All our sausages are exclusive handmade and cased in a natural case.

* every product listed is gluten, lactose, preservative and allergens  free, as well as GMO, MSG free.

  • Every pack of sausages is approximately 0.500 Kg, vacuum sealed and it contains 4 sausages.

  • We can deliver the products directly at your home in the Kelowna area.

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