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The real taste of Italy brought to you with
exclusive recipes!!

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Authentic Mild Italian - $ 11.00

This is a 4 generations recipe, typical from North Italian Regions.

It has a mild flavour that comes from the unique blend of spices , no garlic or fennel, not hot at all. In Italy is for sure the most popular one, used in many different occasions, from BBQ to any other recipes that requires a gentle aroma. 


Spicy Italian - $ 11.00

It is the only Spicy flavour in our line, a unique mix of hot spices, adding the Italian "peperoncino" red hot chili pepper in paste.

Not crazy hot, that means you will enjoy just the pleasure of the heat, not covering any other flavours. Perfect for a BBQ, served cold in a charcuterie, as main ingredients of your hot pasta sauce, crumble in Tacos or cooked on your pizzas...


"5 Terre" sausages - $ 11.00

This is another ancient recipe, simple and tasteful as only a Grandma could create.

She use to prepare this sausages in special days, with few ingredients always available in her kitchen: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, white wine and italian parsley.

Intense aroma, not hot, no fennel, great in any occasions, from BBQ to sandwiches, from pasta to any other tasty recipe. It is one of the most popular one... simplicity pay back!


"Marinara" sausages - $ 11.00

It is one of the most unique and simple recipe, resembling "meatballs" flavours, amazing ingredients for your Spaghetti sauce or bolognese sauce. I love it for Tacos, adding just a little of Habanero on top.. It is a kid's favourites, fantastic in soups or any other recipes with veggies. On Pizzas? of course it is good..


"Balsamic and Fennel" sausages - $ 11.00

This flavour is the only one containing Fennel. This mild aroma is blended with one of the most popular Italian ingredients, the Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The result is a delicious mild sausage perfect from breakfast to any other moment of your day. Great for recipes with veggies or soups with legumes..


"Black Truffle" sausages - $ 13.00

If you do like Truffles, you will love this sausages! Real summer Truffle from Umbria-Italy

crumbled and mixed with an int of white wine, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper, nothing else. The flavour is so intense and authentic, something you will be craving for!!

Incredible as it is, or served just with eggs, potatoes, base for a "risotto", or for a white sauce... on pizzas, you name it!


"Basil Pesto" sausages - $ 11.50

For someone that has origin from the place in Italy where the Pesto was invented...

I have had to make a sausage to celebrate this amazing flavour! it is all about Organic Basil growth in Kelowna from Vincenzo's family, good garlic.... No nuts or dairy, amazing on your pizzas, for any pasta sauce, served cold in charcuterie, meatballs... just delicious!


Breakfast sausages - $ 11.00

This lean and mild sausage is great not just for breakfast, the recipe is inspired by the popular Italian Luganega. No fennel or garlic, enjoy on your BBQ or on the pizza, in sandwiches or served with eggs or perogies.


Bacon and Smoked Garlic sausages - $ 12.00

I've been told that...anything with bacon is delicious so... I came up with this great combo of amazing ingredients!! We prepare the bacon without sugar or any preservatives, totally natural, smoking it with the garlic .... This is so far one of my fav!

Intense flavour, juicy and satisfying, BBQ, carbonara pasta, hamburger, pizzas, tacos....wherever you would like lots of taste!


"Maple and Mustard" sausages - $ 11.50

This is our most Canadian recipe, using some of the most popular ingredients in this Country! The mustard is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the Maple syrup, resulting in a satisfying flavour perfect from breakfast to classic BBQ, making hamburgers or as ingredient for any tasty recipe!


"Apple and Sage" sausages - $ 11.50

For this delicate recipe we use fresh apple from Okanagan (Palomine orchard in Oyama)

infused with Apple Cider and Sage! This mild flavour is one of Kid's favourite, delicious for breakfast, any recipes with legumes or veggies, served cold on charcuterie.

...Charcuterie's meats boards are available at:
- Kelowna Farmers Market
-Nature's Fare Kelowna-West Kelowna-Vernon
-Perseval and Young Cheesemongers Kelowna
-Quail's Gate Winery Market
-Don-O-Ray Farms
-Glenmore Garden Market

We also produce: 
MILD GENOA and SPICY GENOA ( family recipes)
PROSCIUTTINO (cured loin)
GUANCIALE (dry cured jaws)
BRESAOLA ( beef prosciutto air dry cured)
..only available at Kelowna Farmers Market


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