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Customized service 

for hunters

Claudio has always been passionate about meats.. but hunting was a big part of his life as well! Because of that, he learned how to apply his skills and knowledge on wild game meat. He is offering a customized service for hunters: they hunt and bring home their prize, call Claudio and HE WILL COME TO THEIR HOME with his professional equipment to take care of their meat using his master skills!

The service includes cutting, portioning, packaging, offering also Italian recipes and cooking instructions. In addition, if the hunters desires so, Claudio can prepare sausages with their wild game in the Authentic Italian style, mild and spicy, the smoking process is not offered in order to keep the product natural and healthy.

Hunters in this way can save time and money, in addition, they get to discover new recipes and flavours of the Ancient Italian traditions.

For pricing and info please contact Claudio.

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